• What is MotoCare?

MotoCare is a platform where customers can get access to a wide range of guaranteed automobile workshop/engineers. The concept is to allow customers request access to automobile services when faced with automobile challenges based on their location.

• Why use MotoCare?

Motocare is eliminating the challenges people face when trying to access reliable automobile engineers around them. With Motocare you can get guaranteed and professional automobile engineers anywhere you are conveniently.
The application can also be used to keep track of your vehicle expenses, and also track the amount of fuel your vehicles consume over a period of time.

• How do I request for an automobile engineer?

step 1: Create a free account.

step 2: Add your vehicle details.

Note: A customer is allowed to add a maximum of three vehicles.

step 3: Request for an engineer based on your location and type of service required on car services menu.

step 4: Collect contact information of engineers provided in your dashboard.

• How do I handle a request?

Step 1: After discussing with an automobile engineer, an invoice is issued from the engineer to the customer.

Step 2: The customer can either accept or decline the invoice based on the agreement made with the engineer. If the customer reject an invoice the engineer is expected to send a new one or the customer can delete the request if he/she is no longer interested in the engineer.

Step 3: When the customer accepts the invoice, a payment mode will be selected by the customer (cash or card). If cash is selected, the automobile engineer needs to confirm payment of cash received. If card is selected, the customer will be directed to a payment page where they can pay for the selected request.

Step 4: The customer need to confirm job completion on the app and then rate the engineer’s performance to close the transaction.

• I can’t log in to my account?

For customer security and privacy, an account will be locked when a customer input an incorrect email or password more than seven (7) times. To regain access to your blocked account, contact our support team.