The training session with Biofem

We had a training session for Biofem group and their engineers

Posted by Motocare on Aug 06, 2020

We had a training session for Biofem group and their engineers for better understanding and interfacing with the Motocare application.
The training started around 1pm and we had some members of staff including their MD join us for the training.
We explained to them how the motocare application works in respect to the administrator, the staff and the engineers.
Questions were asked and we were able to attend to them.
We also went on to onboard their engineers so they could be easily accessed on the Motocare application and we taught the engineers how to respond to request and also taught the staff how to make request and basically everything they needed to know concerning the application.
And the MD later helped the other members of staff understand the relevance and importance of the Motocare application and how it's of great help snd how it's makes work a lot easier and effortless.
It was concluded that the Motocare application is of great use to their organization and will be of great benefits to other organizations too in keeping records and maintenance of their cars.

So guys u have read it yourself, the Motocare application is a really relevant want to have at a time like. Do well to download and sign up. You won't regret