How to register your cars

Easy way to register your car

Posted by Motocare on Oct 12, 2020

  • Have you been finding it difficult to register your car?
  • Have you been thinking it will take too much of time to register ?


Well, i am happy to annouce to you that registering your car is the first thing to do which will not take you less than 4mins .
Yes! Less than 4 mins 

Suprised !?

Here is how to go about it:-

Step 1: Have your vehicle license at hand or go to your car where it been glued or pasted to wheel screen All the information needed is there...

Step 2 : Log into your app, click on the option button (3 horizontal lines on the left upper edge of your screen) this takes you to all the features.

Step 3: Click on Cars then you see Your Cars, Click on car logo to view car details, please click the car logo above to you right then it shows you the neccessay detail to be filled that is : Car brand, model, model year plate number etc


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