Buying a New Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

An easy way of how to purchase a car during this period without much stress

Posted by Motocare on Jun 19, 2020

With the emergence of COVID-19, almost all the entire world has been placed in a state of constant flux, auto industry inclusive. Manufacturers are trying say in day out to build life-saving ventilators and at the same time, car dealers are dealing with low sales and many consumers are brooding over the repercussions of social and physical distancing guidelines and rules. 


It’s however worth knowing that some car dealership businesses are going the extra miles to ensure that sales is rightly maintained during this pandemic. In some states, showroom operations has been put on hold and this has made car dealerships to adopt alternative methods, like delivering of vehicles to people’s home to test drive, while also offering mouth watering deals. 


As attractive and enticing some of these deals might seem, it is important that you know your limits before rushing to buy any car during this COVID-19 pandemic. Below are things you should consider before buying a car during this period. 


As mentioned above, most of this car dealership offers may seem too good to be true and you definitely see it as a nice deal that mustn’t be passed up and of course, you are also fascinated by the at-home test drive. Buying a car is a huge financial decision, one that needs to due diligence and serious consideration. 

Basically, before jumping to make payment for that car, ask yourself these questions and be real with your answers.


Is a car really what you need right now? Remember that social and physical distancing has reduced the rate at which people drive and commute across the globe. Though, it might appear to be the right time to buy a car now but for what use since there’s restrictions on movement.

Does a car payment fit into your financial picture? You need to consider if securing a loan for this car is something you can settle over a long term, considering the economic situation at this pandemic period. 

Did you plan on buying a car before the dealers these new offers? Be aware that some dealers may be bringing up this kind of offer just to entice you into making a decision you might end up regretting later. If you never had a plan to buy a car before and only decided to buy one because of the enticing dealers offer then, you need to think this through over and over again ask you don’t make a decision you might not have otherwise made. 


Finally, before you commit to buying a car during this pandemic, consider your financial capacity. For some, this is the best time to buy a new car, while for some, it may likely not be the best time take on a car payment. Whichever side you fall in, make your decision wisely.